Monday, July 6, 2009


So ya'll...I have decided to join the blogging world! I'm surprised that I'm still awake - 10:41 PM...I know, for some of you that's EARLY.
Since it is late (for me), I'm gonna keep this note short, mostly for my sake. :P
Well, I'll log back on later...toodles.

*Melly Rose

p.s. I'll officially introduce myself and my blog at a later post. :)


Melly Rose said...

The time is definitely wrong on this post. Could someone help me fix that?

Morgan said...

yayyy! you have a blog!

To fix the time, you can go to "settings" from your home, than click on "formatting" and scroll down to "time zone" and you can fix it there. :)

Em Joy said...

Yay =D