Friday, July 10, 2009

After thoughts

Well, I had a wonderful time today at the Bible study. :) I'm so glad many were able to make it; I think this study on Ephesians is really benefitting us all.

So encouraged by everyone who shared (all of us).

God is soooo AWESOME!!! And His love to unworthy sinners is mind-blowing! He died for us, took the price for our sin on Himself, He declares us righteous in His sight, adopted us as His children (co-heirs with Christ; we've got everything God the Father bestows on Christ!), and is preparing a wonderful place for us all in heaven! God is too good!

Thank you, Lord...may you be glorified! We are clay vessels to be used for You...give us your mighty power to carry out your will and to walk the talk.

Deus semper fidelis,


Em Joy said...

Yes, I love our Bible study times :) They are always so encouraging and challenging to me...

Mel said...

Yeah, I totally agree!