Friday, May 14, 2010


I have finished my first year of college!!! And I passed all my classes! :) This has been such a stressful semester. Thanks to God for giving me the strength to make it through; I definitely couldn't have done it without Him!

No summer school for me, no siree! :D

I'm going to focus on working more these few months before the fall semester. I really think the fall semester will be so much better, even though I will have tough classes.

Anyway, I am so looking forward to summer and the family vacations that are planned! :)

Hope all of you fellow bloggers are having a great year and ready for summer's activities and opportunities!

Later ya'll!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Well, hello there,

It's me. It's been about 4 months since I've posted. Talk about being No worries, I am not the worst. I know this for sure, because a couple people I know haven't posted on their blogs for a year. Now THAT is lame.

I'm actually supposed to be doing math hw, but I can't seem to get one problem done. I'm already failing the course (which I'm not proud of, btw), but not because I want to. I mean, obviously I don't WANT to fail. Who does??? If anyone does, then that person needs to get a Unless his/her life is already a failure, then that person needs Jesus to restart the life button. Actually everyone needs Jesus no matter what. Whether we seem to be failing or not, we need Jesus Christ, God's Son, because He is the One that allows us to do anything we do. So, whatever you are doing right now, Jesus has given you the ability to do. You know why? Because He is the One who made you in the first place! So, without His making you, you wouldn't exist...meaning you wouldn't be able to do what you are doing! And at the same time, He is sustaining you so that you are still alive on this earth. If you have any doubts, read the Bible. Start in the book of John.

Okay, where was I? Oh, right. My F in math. :/ So, the teacher is horrible, and I just can't understand the way she teaches. Not to mention, I'm bad at math in the first place. Ugh...God help me!

So, that's a part of my second semester. I have Japanese 2, Chemistry, Chem Lab, and Political Science. I'm an average or above in these other classes. I so can't wait for this semester to be over! I want summer to be here! (minus the bugs...*shudders*)

Let's see, other than school, I've got work. Work is not too bad. I don't LOVE my job...dealing with people all the time is SO draining. But I'm grateful for my job because it does But I haven't worked much. They rarely use my call-ins and I am only scheduled on Saturdays. Right now it's not that big of a deal since I need to focus on schoolwork, but during the summer, I will hopefully be able to get more hours.

And, oh yes. Blake. He is......AMAZING! I love my boyfriend! I could not have asked for anyone more perfect for me. He helps me deal with things when I am struggling. He loves me no matter what. He laughs with me and at me. He is bunches of fun. He's really cute and handsome. He's sweet, kind, and thoughtful. All that I wanted (plus MORE!) in a guy and all that I should be for him. He challenges me to be unselfish, and to be more caring. I want to be the Christian that he is. I am so blessed. God is SO GOOD! We have seen each other everyday since January 9. Wow! So often, but yet, I have not even grown tired of seeing him or being around him. It's going to be a sad day when our streak ends...I don't even want to think about it. Anyway, I am very happy with my man, and I really pray that he is just as happy with me, even though I know that I am the HAPPIEST person in the universe! ;)

That is basically the scoop on my life. I will try to be more faithful.