Sunday, August 16, 2009

Retreat!! :)

The M28 Freshman/Sophmore Retreat went extremely well! Thank you, God!

It was a 2 1/2 hour drive to Cedar Mountain, and we stayed at Terra Nova Center in Hideaway Lodge. The building accomodations was complete except for the mold or allergin in it. I had an allergic reaction and almost lost my voice! :(

Anyway, we did some really fun things. On Friday afternoon, we swam in a little lake. The weeds at the bottom grossed us girls out! haha! Then we played King of the Dock. Obviously, none of the girls won. The guys really got into it! It was an hilarious game to watch! I wish I had thought of bringing my camera on the dock. As it turned out, I left my camera behind during the best times to take pictures. :( I am really disappointed in myself. I will post pictures that others took once I get them. :)

After the lake, some of us girls and the guys played two-hand touch football. That game rocked!! My team won!!!

Then we had a huge spaghetti and salad meal after which we played bloody potato. I'll have to explain that game in person.

Then we played poker using reeses pieces for "money". We stayed up 'til midnight playing!

Then Anna pulled a prank on Tim for what he did at the LT retreat. She froze one of his shoes in the a bucket of water!! The next morning he looks for his shoe and finds it in the freezer! He was initially upset, but I think he got over it. Needless to say, he did not wear his shoes on the hike!

Then we went and saw some really cool waterfalls! I got brave enough to jump one! It was soooo much fun!! Although, I felt really stupid for thinking of doing it, but I would definitely do it again!
And we also slid down some other waterfalls. Three Hispanic dudes were showing off and doing crazy things that could have gotten them seriously hurt. They were quite amusing!

Basically, that's about it. Oh, and Tyler LeVan taught from 1Peter 2:1-10. Excellent message! Just what I needed to hear for my first year in college and M28.

I'll post that Scripture passage next time. :)

In His Grip,

p.s. Sorry for not getting any pictures in. :((((((


Emily said...

Sounds like an awesome time! Only two more years till I can go!

Anna said...

Melly. It's BLOOD potato. Haha.

Mel said...

Oh, okay. But it still sounds disgusting! :)

Morgan said...

sounds like you guys had a blast! :)